Healthy weight loss

Centrum dietetyczne MonVita

Do you suffer from overweight, obesity, are you frustrated with counting calories?

Do you want to improve the balance between fat and muscle mass still eating what you like?

Do you need professional support and care? We promise that you reduce weight in a healthy way.

You get to know how properly compose a diet, what to eat, how much and in what proportions. We adjust diet to your health condition, lifestyle, rhythm of the day, type of work, and taste preferences. We rely on seasonal and easily available products. We will create a plan designed to work with your lifestyle using time-tested strategies that will help you lose weight smarter and faster.

We invite you to Centrum Dietetyczne MonVita in the center of Warsaw!

Diet for Two

Centrum dietetyczne MonVita

In Centrum Dietetyczne MonVita we offer programs for couples, friends and whole families.

The “Program for Two” can be good solution for couples, kinsfolk, friends and whole families. Joint meetings are also good motivation to change eating habits among all family.

We invite you to take our advice for two. Take your partner, friend or neighbor and change your lifestyle!

Healthy Eating

Centrum dietetyczne MonVita

This is a great program for people who do not need weight reduction, but want to learn the secrets of healthy eating and get a feedback about their diet.

It is good option for people who want to feel better, improve the quality of sleep or gain more energy.

After nutritional interview with dietitian, body composition analysis, measurement of the body circumferences, we will give you the feedback about your nutritional status!

Nutrition During pregnancy and breastfeeding

MonVita Diet Centre

Planning the pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding is a great opportunity to change your eating habits. The nutritional status of prospective moms and women during pregnancy has a strong influence on pregnancy and child health in the future.

Both proper nutrition in the prenatal period as well as during breastfeeding is the most important time for a child, called nutritional programming. In the first months and years, the child’s body is extremely susceptible to the formation of habits. For that reason mother’s diet plays a key role in the proper development of the child and reduces the risk of overweight, obesity and food-related diseases in the future.

Need for energy, certain vitamins and minerals increases during pregnancy. This is way the diet should be well composed and balanced.

During the visits we make anthropometric measurements and help to maintain proper body weight during pregnancy. We help to reduce typical pregnancy problems of the digestive system, like heartburn, constipation and nausea. We help to adjust the diet to m-etabolic disorders. After finishing breastfeeding, we also help to return to the pre-pregnancy form.

Diet for Active

Centrum dietetyczne MonVita

The diet forbactive people requires appropriate treatment. Proper nutrition of active people is related to cover increased demand for the nutrients, determined by body weight and composition, sports discipline, intensity, frequency and duration of training.

Thanks to proper nutrition you can improve the condition of the body, correct physical performance gain muscle mass and reduce total body fat. Proper diet helps to regenerate the body after the end of physical exertion.

We support people who are active on traditional and vegetarian diets. We also work with personal trainers to maximize the effectiveness of training and nutrition activities.

We invite you to our office in the center of Warsaw.